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Happy New Year!  We are officially into week 2 of 2018.  I still feel like we shouldn’t be much past June of 2017.  Time. Is. Flying.

So anyway, welcome!  I’ve started a blog before, and then I got lazy and stopped.  I don’t know if it’s the new year, or the fact that 40 is literally right around the corner (45 days to be exact!), or that this is the year of “doing more”, but I have always loved to write and decided now is the time.

I’ve tried to sit and organize out a theme for each day, etc., etc., but that seemed to be a little much, so I’m just going to go with it and see how this evolves. Join me, won’t you?  I promise I’ll make you laugh.

So here we are, 9 days into 2018.  I heard on the radio someone call 2018, “two thousand GREAT teen”.  I won’t lie, it’s super cheesy but it made me smile.  I like it!  I also read an article that talked about resolutions and how instead of going big (I will workout 6 days a week ALL YEAR), to go small because smaller goals can sometimes be more realistic.

That being said, here are my 20-GREAT-teen “resolutions”:

  • Communicate better!  Say what I need. Say what I think.  Say what I want.  Seems so simple, doesn’t it?
  • Stop assuming my actions will make someone feel a certain way.  Guess what, I’m ALWAYS wrong.  So, stopping that will be good for my life.
  • Curse less. What the fuck?  But really.  I’m almost 40.
  • Mix in some different workouts.  You’d think this would be easy for someone who has an active lifestyle and who works out all the time.  Want to know how many times I took advantage of the intro $30 for 30 days at yoga?  ONE.
  • Say “YES” more.  Life is so beautiful and so precious.  I love life so much!  Yet, I find myself getting stuck sometimes and not calling, or not saying yes, or rationalizing why I shouldn’t do something instead of why I should.  So, I’m working on that.

How about you? What things do you want to work on this year? I love hearing others ideas!

Well, this is it for today.  Come back tomorrow to check out what I’ve got for Wednesday.  And, if you’re so inclined, feel free to subscribe (I type this wondering how to get that subscribe box on here…if it shows up, sign up!).



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