Happy Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone!  My best friend, Adie, HATES it when people say “Happy (fill in the blank of what day it is)”.  So, naturally, I say it to her a couple of times a week.

Does anyone else feel like Monday was forever ago?  Because I do.  But then I also feel like this week flew by.  It’s a 3 day weekend for me, to celebrate MLK.  This is the first time in a while I remember having MLK day off, so that’s nice.  I do wish that everyone had the same holidays, and it wasn’t an employer pick and choose sort of thing.  Some friends have it off, some don’t.  Is the bank open or closed?  Will I get mail?  It’s just confusing.

Back to Friday and the weekend plans – a couple of days ago, I had zero plans.  And now, I have lots of plans!  So, I’m looking forward to this 3 day’er.

One of my favorite blogs, XOXOSTACYB, happens to be run by one of my favorite friends, Stacy Brown, and every Friday she posts her Friday Five.  It’s seriously awesome and full of fun stuff and great links.  Yours truly, when trying to decide what to post on Fridays, was very overwhelmed by trying to copy that idea.  So, instead, I am going with Friday FAVORITES…which really leaves the door wide open to what I want to talk about.


That said, because I started off this post ragging on Adie, I thought it fair to dedicate the rest of it to my favorite retailer, GAP INC. (she works for corporate).  You guys.  I can’t stress enough how much I love GAP.  Their jeans are amazing, great tops & sweaters, underwear, bras, workout gear, socks & PJ’S!  You really can’t lose.  Some days I am LITERALLY head to toe in GAP.  I personally think I should be a brand ambassador, but I don’t think that’s happening anytime soon, but feel free to support me in that ridiculous quest.  And the other thing, you can earn GAP CASH a lot of the time where you can apply it to your order during a specific time frame AND there’s always a lot on sale.  I could go on and on.  But instead, how about I link some of my favorites and why? Great idea!

The True Skinny jeans line is hands down my favorite.  I probably have 6 pair.  I actually am wearing these as I type this.  I usually always buy the Curvy style, but I have regular True Skinny as well.  And, I find the mid-rise is more than high rise enough, and I think my body is pretty proportionate.  They’re great, trust me.

I bought this sweater in-store in SF (with Adie, btw) and now it’s on major sale and it’s seriously so cute. I also may have bought this one last week.  Seriously, BRAND AMBASSADOR PEOPLE.

This came in the mail the other day and I’ve already wore it to work and used it as a pj sweater.  SO CUTE.

Obsessed with these workout pants.  New favorite PJ pants.  And this has been my go-to bra for years.

I will stop now, because it’s getting obscene how much money I clearly spend at GAP.  Check them out, you’ll love it all, I promise!

Have a great weekend!  Cheers!


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