Triple Threat

Thursdays are for music, but also for anything else that’s on my mind (pretty much like every day around here).  Did you check out my post from yesterday?  I shared one of my favorite wines from one of my favorite wineries.  I got to drink it last night and let me tell you.  It. Was. Outstanding.  Opened up beautifully, paired well with the food and I didn’t wake up around 3am with that “red wine anxiety”.  Does anyone else get that?  I swear it’s a real thing.  Sometimes, when I drink red, I’ll wake up around 3 and cannot fall back to sleep until 4:30.  So annoying.


Last week, I shared what concerts I will be going to this year along with my criteria for choosing said shows.  I felt good about it, but there was something nagging me.  Has everything been announced yet?  Did I know what I was committing to?  Welp, then I woke up today to this.  Lady Antebellum.  Darius Rucker (HOOTIE).  Russell Dickerson.  This is the triple threat of concerts this season as far as I’m concerned.  I get chills thinking about how amazing this show is going to be.  Last summer, I went to see Lady A for the first time and they were SO GOOD.  A few years ago I schlepped down to Stockton to see Darius Rucker where I’d scored 2nd row seats.  INCREDIBLE.  I haven’t seen Russell Dickerson yet, but I follow him on Instagram and his Instastories are hilarious.  I’m so excited!  Now, who’s coming with me???

If you wonder why I love these artist so much, here’s a link to my favorite songs by each.  Enjoy!

Lady Antebellum

Darius Rucker

Russell Dickerson

3 thoughts on “Triple Threat

  1. I’ll start sending you texts @ 3am – I’m always up too! Thought it had something to do with sugar from alcohol converting in our blood…but I’m no doctor! It does seem to happen more when I drink! Keep up the great works – I just signed up for your emails!! 😘Yeehaw!

    Jennifer Curtin 415.378.1093



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