Friday Favorites


Happy Friday!  Happy Friday!  Happy Friday!  Once again, I sit here on a Friday and think where did this week go?  January is usually the lonngggessstttt month, but here we are on the 19th and I swear New Year’s Day was yesterday.

Who’s excited for some football this weekend???  I am pumped.  I am ready to see the New England Patriots go down and get beat by the Jags and am hoping for a great match up between the Vikings & the Eagles.

Well it’s Friday, so here are a few of my favorite things!


I bought this One Line a Day Journal and started it January 1. It’s such a cool concept, because there is just a small space for each day, hence the “one line a day”, but it’s a 5 year journal!  I have been diligent about writing in it daily, one because it’s easy, I don’t have to spill my guts, and two because I cannot wait to see how it fills up and to have a 5 year record of my daily life.  You could technically start using it whenever, you’d just have to flip to that day and get started.  Of course, it’s available on Amazon!


I mentioned in my first blog post that my birthday was 45 days away.  Well, now it’s only 35 days away!  YIKES!  I usually buy myself a gift every year, and this year I struggled with what to or should I get myself.  Ultimately, I decided I do want something to hold on to, that says “I bought this for myself for my 40th bday”.  Enter Anthropologie.  I bought these beauties last night and I am OBSESSED.  Yes, they’re juice glasses, but you can bet your ass I’m going to fill those up with wine and Cheers to me!

Unrelated, has anyone else played around with the Portrait mode in the iphone camera?  It’s legit!


I’ve yet to really dive into how much I love to cook on this blog, but don’t worry, it’s coming.  I was watching Instastories today and my friend Cary always crushes it in the kitchen.  She’s constantly making something tasty and even better is she’s usually gluten free, so I often will ping her for recipes.  Last night she made a droolworthy stir fry, so I naturally needed the recipe.  Turns out it comes from this cookbook, which is currently on Amazon for a penny!  Needless to say I am making the Kung Pao Chicken ASAP.

Well, that’s it for today, folks!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Go Jags!


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