Monday Musings

Happy Monday, yo!  It’s Monday!  Is everyone excited?  I mean, why not be?  You can’t change it.  How was your weekend?  Mine was good!  Had some delicious champagne & oysters with a girlfriend at 58 Degrees.  Saw Lady Bird with my mom and then had some delicious apps and wine, again at 58 Degrees (the plan was to go to Ella, but google had their Saturday open time wrong).

I am unclear on all the hype of Lady Bird.  It was good, but I don’t think it’s Oscar worthy.  It was cute.  An accurate portrayal of what goes on in high school with families, friends, experiences.  I don’t know.  I could have waited til it hit Netflix.


Yesterday I watched football.  The Jags were SO CLOSE.  But, you just can’t ever count Tom Brady out.  Even when the Jags were ahead, I thought, but Brady is known for turning on the jets at the end of the 4th quarter.  And what did he do?  Just that.  And how about Danny Amendola?  What a stud.

And then there was the Eagles/Vikes game.  I thought it was going to be SO much closer.  The Eagles came to WIN, and win they did.  It should be a really good Super Bowl and yes, I’m rooting for the Eagles.  Honestly, I just hope it’s a good, close game, not a blowout. It’s the freaken Super Bowl, it shouldn’t be a blowout.  We will see!


Have you heard of Sylvester McNutt?  I follow him on Instagram and he’s got some gems.  This one really hit home yesterday.  In a good way!  It made me happy thinking about all the great people in my life and all the joy they bring.  Love you people!!!


Norm.  My main man.   If you follow me on Instagram, or are a friend, you undoubtedly know that the little dude had neck surgery on November 2nd.  What a scary day.  He’d been in pain for a couple of weeks and was only getting worse, so the Vet said he should get a MRI.  He did, it showed he’d blown a disc in his neck, and so into surgery he went.  I sat in the waiting room at the VCA for three hours, trying not to picture the worst.  Finally the surgeon came out and said all had gone well, and that we could come back and see him the following day.

The next three weeks were crazy, as he couldn’t do a single thing for himself.  Couldn’t walk, had to be hand fed, taken out to go to the bathroom (which he never did, thank god for pee pads!), medication twice a day and exercises three times a day.  It was exhausting.  And then he had physical therapy at the VCA once a week.  It’s truly amazing what they can do for animals these days.  I also can’t say enough great things about the VCA.  They took such amazing care of him and everyone is so nice.

Finally, 3 weeks to the day after surgery, he started to move.  And then 5 days later, he excitedly peed outside, and then the next day, HE. WAS. WALKING.  And now he’s probably 99% back to normal.  He’s for sure still healing on the inside, but his personality is back, his weight is back, his annoying ways are back, and while everything about his life isn’t going back to normal, we most certainly have our boy back!  I could not be happier.

I hope that you’re set up for a great week. While I felt like I was exceptionally lazy yesterday, I did manage to get a lot done, which will in turn make this week go much more smoothly.  Go get ’em, everyone!





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