Friday Favorites

Happy Friday people!  Is everyone ready for the weekend?  I sure am.  This week was a rollercoaster, that’s for sure.  But, we are ending on a high note. Guess who officially finished doggie rehab today?  Whoo hoo!  To say we are pumped, is an understatement.


For today’s edition of Friday Favorites, I thought it would be fun to share my favorite make-up, since I am certain that’s what all my male readers care about on a Friday afternoon!  No, but really, I love make-up and lately I have been getting compliments on my skin. I find this comical because my skin care routine is less than desirable.  I attribute it all to make-up and Botox.  If we are being honest, your girl is OVERDUE for some Botox.

Mascara – mascara is game changing.  Some days all it takes is a little mascara and a girl can be transformed from beat to beauty.  I’ve tried them all over the years and I always, always, always come back to my old standby, L’Oreal Voluminous Original. I was a ride or die with this one, always using Blackest Black.  Until.  Until my homegirl (using her word) Stacy (click the link, check out her blog, it’s amazing!), tried out this version of Voluminous.  I’m done. I don’t need anything else.  Try it, it’s game changing!lashparadise

Foundation.  I used to be anti-foundation and would only use powder.  Now when good old Facebook shows me “on this day” and we go back a few years, I’m really questioning my eyesight, because WOW.  Enter, Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation.  This stuff is amazing.  It just smoothes out your entire face, leaving a clean canvas to contour, bronze and blush up.  I truly think this is why people compliment my skin.  It hides everything!  There’s a million shades, and I got lucky, the Tarte rep was at Sephora when I went and helped me pick the perfect shade.  And, no, I don’t use any powder or anything on top of it, I just go to town with my contour, concelar and blush after I put it on.


Contour & Blush – also, Tarte.  I bought this Palette and have used it daily since.  I tried out the contour sticks that you have to blend in with a beauty blender and that just wasn’t for me. I prefer the powder & brush method.  It just works and is easier for me to blend in powders.  I bought one of the versions of this and haven’t looked back.  This version actually looks better than mine, as it has 2 bronzer options.  It’s a great deal right now, too, if you’re looking for something to start with!


Eyeshadow – if you’ve known me since college, you know that’s when my eyeshadow obsession began.  I went hard in the paint on the MAC eyeshadows and at one point had almost the entire collection.  It was not uncommon for me to be seen with various shades of blue, green & purple eyes, and while some of my friends still make fun of me for it, I regularly had a line outside my bedroom door of girls wanting their makeup done for sorority events.  Even this past November, I did 2 of my college besties make-up before our other besties 40th bday!  (Proof below.)


Back to eyeshadow.  I’ve hung up my MAC shoes as of late, and am currently working my way through 2 different eyeshadow palettes.  I find they’re easier to travel with and then all my options are in one place.  Boom.  I use this Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani palette, but sadly, it’s sold out.  Boo.  This Morphe Brushes x Jaclyn Hill is my go-to for my going out eyes.  They go on so smooth, and have tons of pigment and blend REALLY well.  I LOVE.  And there’s so many colors!  So fun.


Eyebrows – another area where I’ve tried it all.  And another area where L’Oreal has come through in a major way and the price is right!  I’m currently using this Brow Stylist Kabuki Blender and I absolutely love it.


Last, but not least, lips!  So this may shock some of my friends, but I have moved on from my beloved Lip Smackers.  For a while, I was a Lip Smackers only gal.  I still use it from time to time, but that was always 100% my jam.  A couple of months ago, I bought some Aquaphor and have been addicted since.  It’s SO moisturizing, stays on forever and I don’t know, I’m digging it.

For when I want a little shimmer, I put this on top.  Yep, I went there.  And you know what, I love it!  It looks exactly like the pic!

lalajamesWell, that’s it for today.  I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


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