Hello, February!


Here she is.  The month in which I was born has arrived.  I typically am not one of those people who counts down to her birthday, or celebrates a birthday month, or makes a big deal.  I let myself feel special on my birthday, enjoy a slice of cake (I LOVE CAKE) and carry right along.  This year is a little different though because this year is the first of the big ones, in my opinion.  The Big 4-0.

I sure don’t feel 40.  I don’t really know if I feel a certain age, but don’t you remember when 40 was old?  When our parents turned 40 there were banners strung up saying “Over the Hill”. Over what hill?  Does that mean it’s all downhill from here?

To that, I say HELL NO.  In some ways I feel like I’m just getting started.  In others, so thankful for all the experience and wisdom I’ve gained along this road so far.  All that being said, I’m ready for 40, but I’m also ready to enjoy the hell out of the last 22 days of my 30’s!


Thursdays I typically talk about music and today there’s some great new music to discuss.  Keith Urban has killed it with his new song Parallel Line.  I listened to it on repeat my whole drive to work and will likely do the same on the drive home.  Do any of you do that?  Listen to a song over and over and over again?  One time I ran 6 miles with the same song on repeat.

Back to Keith.  Pretty sure I’m now going to add him to my concert list for the summer, even though I’ve already seen him 3 times.  Damn it.  He’s just SO GOOD.  I saw him last summer and he gives his heart and soul in every show.  What am I up to now?  5?  Great.  If you’re interested in what other shows I’ve planned for, check out here & here.

In other good music news, I listen to Beats 1 on Apple Music here and there.  They rotate different DJ’s from around the world so the music is diverse and fun.  I’m loving Julie Adenuga in the early mornings from the UK.  She has played some great stuff I’d never otherwise hear, and then Ezra Koenig, who is just damn funny.  I was listening over the weekend and he and a friend were talking about what would you do if you went to a party and the host only had out a bowl of hummus and a bowl of goldfish.  Would you say something?  Would you use the goldfish as a hummus delivery vehicle?  Would you just not eat?  Even typing it, I’m cracking up.  Anyway, check out Beats 1 if you’re an Apple Music user.


Lastly.  It’s finally here.  Superbowl 52.  Should be a good one!  Go Eagles!!!

Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow for Friday Favorites!




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