Thursday Chatter

Good afternoon everyone!  Did anyone happen to read the article I posted yesterday about the adorable German man, Gunther?  Well, imagine my surprise when I got a ping in my DM’s and it was HIM, replying to my mention of him in my Instastory.  Needless to say, VALENTINE’S DAY MADE.  He is just the cutest!


I hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day.  I did!  I went to happy hour with a coworker turned friend and we sat at the bar, drank some chard, ate some apps and shot the shit.  It was a lot of fun!

Before that, I swung by See’s Candy, thinking it would be pretty dead as it was after 5 on Valentine’s Day.  It was, so I was in and out of there in a hot minute.  My favorite thing bout See’s is the consistency.  It is ALWAYS the same, and that is why I always go back.  Usually I get my See’s fix over the holidays, but someone (*cough*mom*cough*) didn’t buy any this year.  Why am I even talking about this?  Because I learned yesterday that my FAVORITE See’s Candy, the outrageously delicious Butterscotch Square, was created BY MISTAKE.  Are you kidding me?  Life would not be the same.  I am thankful for whoever made that mistake.

Today is an exciting day.  I have got to do some cool things at work, most of them involving travel.  But today, I get to learn how to fly drones!  I feel like a super nerd, but I am super pumped.  Did you watch the Opening Ceremonies?  The drones were all us.  SO COOL.  Here is a neat behind the scenes video from that night.

Alright, it is time to go fly the drones!  Be sure to come back tomorrow for Friday Favorites & my drone flying experience!



2 thoughts on “Thursday Chatter

  1. I can’t believe I didn’t get See’s at Christmas either since it’s become a sort of tradition. Won’t miss getting one of our favorites, scotchmallows, this year!


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