Friday Favorites – Drones Edition

Well hello and Happy Motha-Effin Friday!  It’s another 3 day weekend and I have to say I am exceptionally pumped for this one.  As mentioned here, here and here, I am in countdown mode to my birthday.  One week and counting!  The next week has a lot of fun in store, and your girl is ready!

As mentioned yesterday and if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a little teaser video, yesterday I learned to fly a Drone!  (Every time I say that I hear Frau Farbissina say “Send in the CLONE!”)


First, we met in a building on the complete opposite side of campus from where I work.  Literally it took me 10 minutes to walk there.  The guys who were our Drone experts gave us Drones 101 and then we were off to the “pad”.  I had no idea this area of campus existed and once we got inside the fence we were told to not step on any of the plywood squares because they are covering holes where rebar is sticking straight up.  Guess who almost immediately stepped on the plywood square?  Thankfully I caught myself before I did.

Next up, we split into groups to fly these bad boys.  I was with the group that got to fly this, the DJI Phantom.  It was really cool and it’s amazing how smart these things are.  Unfortunately, the Phantom does not have Intel Inside, but it was a rad drone nonetheless.  We were allowed to fly it up to 400′, but it was super windy and I don’t think anyone got it over 100′. I don’t think we’d have been able to see it that high anyway.  Despite the wind, this sucker moved what I thought was really fast (45mph), but I was told that’s actually not that fast in the drone world.


The drone and the drone controller.  An iPad popped into the control so you could see what the drone was seeing.  However, you want to keep your eyes on the drone and not on the screen.  Otherwise, the controller works in 4 main ways: up & down, left and right, forward and backward and you can move the camera.  This particular drone the camera was always facing forward, so if you wanted it to look left or right, you had to move it.  Simple enough!


Yours truly with a successful lift off!

Our instructor showing us how it’s done.

A successful landing!  This wasn’t my personal landing, but I landed it like a boss.


A happy, albeit, freezing and wind blown, new drone flyer!

All in all, this was super cool and I’m glad I did it.  The technology that is going into these drones is mind-blowing.  Some of them you can even control with your hands!  What???  The video and angles they can reach and see, the sensors that are built in, the speeds, all of it.  It’s fascinating.  Maybe I’ll buy myself a drone!

On that note, I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Drink the good champs, hang with your friends, get some sun if you have sun where you live and laugh!  It’s good for the soul!


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