I am back!

Good morning everyone & Happy Friday!  Is everyone else in awe that it’s March 9th?  How did we get here?  No, seriously.

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, if I’ve thrown in the towel on the blog, or got hit by a bus, the answer is no, thankfully.  Honestly I just needed a break.  If we are being even MORE honest, I really built up my birthday in my head and when it was over, I had a little bit of the birthday blues.  Don’t get me wrong, I had a fucking blast celebrating with my girls. Read about that here.  I went to a delicious dinner at Localis in Sacramento the night before my birthday. To say the food was good is an understatement. It was outstanding!  I took the day off on my actual birthday, slept in, walked Norm, had lunch at Burgers and Brew (which was historic as I hadn’t had a burger since October due to some diet changes – more on that sometime in the future), and then my sweet family came over for dinner armed with gifts, love and laughter.  Overall it was glorious and the perfect way to usher in 40.

localis menu

All that being said, from here on out, your girl is going back to her regularly scheduled tradition of celebrating the birthday on the birthday and then moving right along!

In regards to 40 – I am loving it so far.  I am happy, I am healthy, I am loved & I can take care of myself and more.  Cheers to THAT!


Since this blog on Friday’s is typically focused on things that I love…here are a few that are really making me happy these days!

This jacket from Express.  I am living for it!! I wore it to dinner last night with a black tank, ripped jeans and my favorite Free People booties and it was perfect.


This recipe for Coconut Curry Braised Chicken Thighs.  OMG you guys.  This meal was SO good.  And, I followed the recipe exact, with just 2 minor tweaks (this is unheard of for me, I typically use recipes as a loose guide).  I added in an extra TBSP of Fish Sauce (trust me here!) and added the juice of a whole lime to the final product.  It was outstanding – and so easy to make.  The first night I had it over brown rice and then I had the leftovers for lunch over spaghetti squash and spinach.  I also added chopped avocado.  The second meal was decidedly better than the first.  Try it!

chicken thighs

This sticky bra.  Sorry dudes, but I have to share this with the ladies.  Years of running in poor support sports bras, weight loss and weight gain and overall gravity – my once firm and perky juggs are not where they used to be.  However, I was determined to wear a backless dress and ordered these from Amazon.  I am still in shock at how well they worked.  Now, I wouldn’t go dancing in them, but that’s just me.  If you have a top or a dress that you want to wear to dinner or what not, these are your savior!

bring it up

I read an article on Buzzfeed yesterday and this image cracked me up.  Of course I can’t find the article to save my life, but this is still funny.


On that note, I hope everyone has a great weekend wherever you are! I plan to spend some time sleeping, exercising, hanging with Norm, friends and family.  More than likely going to give this recipe a try that Stacy whipped up.  I’m not even a pizza fan, but damn this looks good, doesn’t it!?!?

Cheers people!  Come back on Monday for regularly scheduled programming.


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