Manic Monday

OMG so much to talk about today!

First off, the time change.  Does anyone even care anymore?  Does anyone even think we need to go through this whole exercise of changing the time an hour every six months?  Let’s just leave it as is from now on, right?  Yeah!  Ok, now let’s just convince whoever could actually make that change to do so.  Ha.

daylight savings

As mentioned on Friday I decided to take Stacy’s recommendation and make pizza with the Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Crust.  I totally dug it.  Aside from slightly burning one side of the crust (not my fault, it was thinner on one side), not baking them as long as I should have (I followed instructions but my oven runs a little cool, so next time I’ll add 25* to the temp), and dropping an entire bottle of BBQ sauce on the kitchen floor in the making, these were a total success.  I also have realized that my food photography skills royally suck, so I am going to work on that.  I’m including my finished pizza pics, but man they are terrible.  The pizza though, was delish!

The first pizza is pesto, arugula, prosciutto, red onion & honey goat cheese.  The second pizza is BBQ sauce, shredded chicken, red onion, green onion, drunken goat cheese & cilantro.  Both were  I will definitely be making again and will definitely get better pics and share step-by-step!

Newest obsession – QUEER EYE on Netflix.  I kept seeing posts about this on social media and yesterday was in the mood for something new.  OMG you guys.  This show is SO good!  I was bawling during more than one episode.  The transformations are just so good.  And the 5 guys are so sweet and genuine.  Love this show.  If you want something to laugh and feel good, look no further.


I went to Trader Joe’s on Saturday and they had beautiful tulips in their flower bins.  Tulips are my absolute favorite and I love when they are in season because there are so many amazing colors.  What always surprises me about tulips is how quickly they grow in a vase and how fast they open up.  These were literally tight buds on Saturday and today they are in full bloom and have probably grown about 2 inches.  So wild!  But for $6.99, I’ll buy a bunch every week!


Last thing for today, if you follow me on instagram (which, you totally should, duh), you may have seen this cool travel post I put in my story.  I also included a blank one if you want to go in and fill it out for yourself. To be honest, I was surprised.  When I counted up the number of countries I have been to and got to 17, I counted again.  Considering pretty much everywhere I have never been is on my list, I was still excited that I’ve been to that many so far.  Time to hit the skies and see some more of this great world!


And last but not least for this fine Monday.  I was certain I had a chiropractor appointment today at 11:30.  So certain in fact I didn’t think about the fact that I did not get a 24 hour reminder text.  So certain in fact I hit the road to arrive right on time.  So certain in fact I sat in the chair outside her office for a good 8 minutes before it dawned on me…  I checked the text string where appointments get confirmed and then reminded…and that’s when I saw it.  2/12.  It’s 3/12.  Greaaaaat.  What a moron.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and that your one hour less Monday is off to a great start!


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