Restaurant Review!


Happy Friday, everyone!  I thought Friday would be a perfect time to do my first restaurant review on this blog.

A few weeks ago, a friend and I went to dinner at Allora.  “Allora’s menu is a celebration of old world recipes, the historic Sacramento region, and its abundance of vibrant local producers.”  What’s funny is when I made the reservation, I didn’t really think about where the restaurant was.  Then, as we drove up, I realized it was the cute restaurant on the corner that I’d driven by on my way to Trader Joe’s earlier in the week!

I picked Allora based on a recommendation from my friend, Cary.  She and her husband, Jon, are foodies in every sense of the word and always check out new restaurants and bars, so I knew she wouldn’t steer me wrong.

We decided to do the Somm & Chef’s Tasting, and OMG, it was AMAZING.  I know nothing about Italian wines, but each pairing was absolutely perfect for the dish.  Doing a tasting menu is fun because it takes all of the decision making work out of going out to dinner.  You simply tell them that you want the tasting menu, and then they course it out and deliver the wines.  Easy!

Before I show you pics of the food, let’s talk about how cute this restaurant is.  It is not a big space, so it feels intimate without feeling crowded, and the decor is incredible.  Concrete, velvet, metals and a wine fridge to die for.  I want to go back just to sit at different table or the bar to experience it from another angle.  The picture above is what you see right when you walk in.  The people eating there earlier looked like they were having a blast!  We had a cute table for two along the window, and even though there were people seated around us, I didn’t feel like we were in each other’s business, so it was really nice!

Now for the food…

Course 1 – Tonno Crudo paired with a sparkling Brut Rose.  Light and delicious.  A perfect way to start off!


Course 2 – Scallop paired with a Vino Blanco.  This may have been my favorite course.  It was SO good! The corn risotto with the scallop…perfection.


Course 3 – Cavatelli (with veal sweetbreads!!) paired with a Etna Doc (this could be totally wrong, I literally know nothing about Italian wine, but it was a red.  A delicious red.)  I am not a pasta person, but I do make exception for homemade noodles.  These were so good and the sweetbreads!!! YUM.


Course 4 – Lamb, paired with another Etna Doc.  HEAVEN.  Look at that presentation.  It was equally as delicious.


And finally, course 5 – Fig Leaf Semifreddo, paired with a Petit Verdot.  I am embarrassed to say I ate the entire thing. But not really.  It was SO good!  If you love figs, this is the dessert for you.


Final review – two huge, enthusiastic thumbs up!  I can’t wait to return to try other things on the menu and to sit at that beautiful chef’s table!

Have a great weekend everyone!  Cheers!


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